What are Personal Heatmaps on Strava?


Fitness tracking is more popular than ever with athletes around the world logging activity. Strava heatmaps emphasize this criss-cross of ground coverage, illuminating the world’s most popular routes and trails. Learn more about Strava’s interactive tools and learn how to see your personal Heatmap with a Strava subscription.

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To view your personal Heatmap on Strava, open the Dash menu on the Strava website and select Heatmaps. Note that you must be a paid subscriber to view your personal Heatmap.


What is a Strava Heatmap?

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Strava provides users with a unique (and truly eye-catching) visual representation of individual and group training. Using “heat” to represent activity, Strava Heatmaps illustrates the web of runs, rides, and more for thousands of users around the world.

The Strava Global Heatmap combines all publicly recorded Strava workouts on a single map. It can help athletes identify frequently used trails while traveling or locate new routes in their area.

Personal Heatmaps offer the same idea but are exclusive to each user. Your personal Heatmap will only represent your own activity and is not accessible to anyone else on the platform. You must also have a Strava subscription to access your personal Heatmap.

What are the benefits of using a Strava Heatmap?

The advantages of Strava Heatmap are multiple. The most obvious use is for viewing your personal activity. You can overlay a variety of workout types on a single view or filter for a specific activity type. Below are the four activity filters that users can apply to global and personal heatmaps.

  • Stroll: Ride, hand bike, wheelchair, velomobile, electric bike ride, mountain bike ride, gravel bike ride, electric mountain bike ride, skateboard
  • To run: Run, walk, hike, climb, trail run
  • Water: Swimming, kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking, rowing, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, canoeing, sailing
  • Winter: Alpine skiing, Ice skating, Off-piste skiing, Nordic skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Winter sports

Displaying activity on the global heatmap can help users find new places to train locally and abroad. Find a new running route in your city or plan a trip to a solid place to ski or hike. Strava’s maps “burn” most clearly where trails and routes are heavily used, so it’s easy to identify popular regions at a glance.

Plus, Strava heatmaps are just plain fun. With tons of customizations available, including colors, map styles, and more, it’s easy to get lost playing the Global and Personal versions. For example, check Show 3D relief gives a really unique and interesting view of many areas.

How to See Your Personal Heatmap on Strava

Strava Dashboard Heatmap
  • Open the Strava website on your favorite browser and log in.
  • Expand the Dash menu in the upper left corner and select Heatmaps.
  • Select the sports groups you want to see; All Activities, Stroll, To run, WaterWhere Winter. By default, the map will display all activities.
  • Specify which year of activity you want to see or choose All the time.
  • Click the box next to Include private activities, Include commutingWhere Respect the hidden parts of the activities to adjust the data you want to include in your heatmap.

How to Access Strava’s Global Heatmap

Strava's global heatmap shows user activity on Oahu.

The Strava Global Heatmap is accessible to all users of the platform. With a Strava subscription, you can dig deeper into map functionality and zoom in to access street views. You can view the World Heatmap on your favorite browser by visiting Strava.com/heatmap.

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There is no way to export your personal heatmap from Strava, however, you can take a screenshot to share if you wish.

If you are not a paid subscriber, you will not be able to access your personal Heatmap. However, you can still view Strava’s global heatmap.

Currently, Heatmaps are only accessible on the Strava website, not through the Strava app.

A basic Strava account, which allows users to track and share workouts, is free. For more features and tools, you can choose to pay for Strava subscription.


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