Which ship to upgrade in the navigation system of Lost Ark?


Here’s our guide to which ship you should upgrade to lost ark exploring the game’s navigation system and sea gameplay.

Introducing the navigation system in Lost Ark

As you progress through the main story of lost ark, you will automatically unlock the navigation system and ships. Ships are extremely important as this is how you will be able to reach many new areas. However, there are eight different ship types and you will need to unlock them first to use them.

Also, each type of ship is upgraded independently and upgrading ships takes a huge amount of time. Especially since some upgrade materials have a daily cap and you can’t farm them indefinitely. Your resources are limited, so unless you’re a whaler or have plenty of free time to grind, it’s best to focus on just one type of ship to upgrade.

Finally, there are six different types of hazardous waters in lost ark that will endanger your vessel, such as icy waters or sandy waters. Each ship has different stats on ship stability and resistance to dangerous waters, which will increase as you upgrade and level ships.

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Lost Ark | Launch Trailer






Here’s the type of ship you should upgrade and focus on in Lost Ark

The Best Ship Type You Should Upgrade And Focus On lost ark is Estoque. It’s the first type of ship you’ll get when you unlock the navigation system, and it’s the only ship you can easily use in all situations and for all sea events. This is the general consensus among gamers who have played lost ark for a long time, especially through the Korean and Japanese versions, which have been out for over a year.

All other ships of lost ark are specialized in a specific sea terrain, and as you level them up to max level, they will have unbalanced ship stability/hazardous water resistance stats, being much more effective in some seas than others. Some ships have up to 55 Ship Stability in some seas, but low Stability up to 13 in other areas.

However, Estoque is the only ship at a max upgrade that will have 30 ship stability in all sea types. This is why you should first focus on upgrading the Estoque ship by lost ark.

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