Wind and surf advisories continue as temperatures slowly warm


Happy Wednesday Central Coast.
As we start the day, a lot of fresh air has settled in the area. Many early morning locations saw temperatures in the upper 20s. These cool conditions are more than 10 degrees cooler than the same time yesterday.

As we head into today, temperatures will warm rapidly with highs possibly reaching the lower 60s. It is a few degrees warmer than yesterday and we will see even more warming over the next few days.

One thing we kept from yesterday is the high surf. We continue to see waves up to 10-12 feet high with a dangerous rip current. Take extra care along our beaches.

Over the next few days, our temperatures will be on the rise. We will get into the low 60s on Wednesday, mid 60s on Tuesday and into the 70s on Friday for a good start to the weekend.

By Sunday, our winds will begin to turn and help bring a low pressure system to our area. Chances of rain are low with only a few hundredths of an inch possible. We need the rain, so hopefully it will hold over the next few days as it approaches us.
Have a great Central Coast day!


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