Woman shares crazy story about her flight to Coachella


A woman’s weekend at Coachella took an unexpected turn when she was robbed, but her story had a surprising ending that went viral on social media.

Social media influencer Becca Moore jumped online to talk about her experience at the popular music festival. She said her belongings – including the keys to a rental car – were stolen, which left her stranded with no way to contact family and friends.

On Twitter, she explained that her hotel called her Uber to go to a phone shop.

Her driver, a man named Raul Torres, ended up spending the day with her. Torres talked about her family as they shared margaritas, and Moore realized her daughter was a cancer patient undergoing treatment.

To thank Torres for her friendship and support, she created a GoFundMe to help raise money for the family.

“He saved me in an emergency that day, so I want to help him,” Moore wrote.

Check out the tweets below:

Moore shared more about her experience with Torres in the GoFundMe description.

“Even though I was scared, I told him I would understand and just needed a ride to buy a phone. He didn’t accept this and insisted on staying with me until let him know I was coming home,” she wrote. . “His instincts were good, and luckily he didn’t just drop me off!!”

The influencer added that Torres got her food, accompanied her to file a police report and even managed to help her find her stolen phone. They spent a full day together.

She also shared that the Torres family was also taking care of Raul’s father, who had cancer. In an April 30 update on GoFundMe, she wrote that her father had passed away.

“This timeline of events made me realize it was no coincidence. The people we meet aren’t really strangers,” Moore wrote. “Please help me continue to help Raul’s family. Little did the Torres family know they would wake up this morning with a funeral scheduled for today as well, and I am beyond grateful for your continued giving.”

At press time, the GoFundMe has raised over $130,000 for the Torres family.

Moore shared updates as a massive influx of funds arrived on day one. In the end, she said people raised $100,000 in that time frame.

“I don’t even know what to say other than thank you for listening and helping me help the Torres family. Strangers are never really strangers,” Moore wrote on Twitter.

Check out his tweets below:

Moore also filmed two videos for TikTok about her experience. In the first, she said her belongings were stolen by a man she initially thought was flirting with her.

In the second, she revealed that she has since spoken to the entire Torres family and stressed that they have formed a lasting relationship.

Check out his videos below:

Moore urged people to tag Uber in the comments section of his first TikTok so they are aware of what happened. The company responded to him on Twitter.

“What a hero,” they wrote. Check out the tweet below:

TMZ notes that there has been an increase in arrests over both Coachella weekends this year compared to the last time the festival was held in 2019. The 2020 and 2021 festivals have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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