Woronora residents can return home | County Leader of St George and Sutherland


Residents of Woronora can return home after the evacuation warning is lifted.

  • Thorpe Road
  • Prince Edward Park Rd between Thorpe Road and Deepwater Estate
  • Deep water domain
  • Manila Square
  • Boomi Square
  • Yanko Close
  • Rates Circuit between Park Road and Menai Road
  • Woronora Village Tourist Park
  • Menai Woronora Road
  • Place Liffey
  • Thames Street
  • Prince Edward Park Road
  • Arthur Square
  • Lower Washington Drive
  • Johnson Close

NSW SES Sutherland Shire advises residents to continue to monitor conditions and remain vigilant.

“Drive slowly, obey all roadblocks, and never drive through floodwaters,” he said on Facebook.

“If your property has been impacted by floodwaters, make sure your property is safe before entering.”

This includes checking for damage to windows, walls and roof, making sure electricity and gas are turned off before entering.

“If any electrical outlets, electrical equipment, appliances or electric hot water systems have been exposed to flood water or are water damaged in any way, they should be inspected by an electrician qualified before use.

“Gas appliances and gas cylinders that have been exposed to flood water should be inspected for safety before use.

“Wear protective clothing including boots and gloves when cleaning. Be aware of any slip, trip or fall hazards.”

Woronora and surrounding suburbs including Woronora Heights, Engadine, Sutherland lost power for about two hours before being restored.

Although the main threat has passed, SES teams have been busy.

Volunteers worked overnight Thursday cleaning up a fallen tree and power lines on Prince Edward Park Road.

Local flood rescue operators were also deployed to the Sydney metropolitan area on Thursday evening to help with riverine and flash flooding.

Woronora Village Tourist Park Manager Jo Parker said that although they were kept on their toes, they were not affected.

“We were lucky it wasn’t as bad as expected,” she said. “Some of the tenants have prepared their cabins just in case, putting valuables up high. Hopefully the dam stays under capacity and all will be well. We don’t need any more rain.”

This is good news for families as Woronora River Public School reopened on Friday after a 24-hour closure.

Audley Weir remains closed, however.

Wide and powerful surf conditions are expected to be dangerous for coastal activities such as rock fishing, swimming and surfing.

The ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena has resumed its normal schedule.

Friday should still be wet but heavy rain has become less likely.

There is up to 90% rain over the weekend and showers are expected to continue for a few more days.


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